Amy Bethel

Amy Bethal

Vice President

I have been a Fort Worth Police Officer for 21 ½ years. During my tenure with the Department I have been assigned to several specialized units and have made the most of every opportunity presented. In addition to my assignment to the FWPD Special Events / Emergency Response Team (SEER), I have been a BFTF Board member since October of 2016 and one of the Vice Presidents since June of 2021.

In 2011-2012 I was a FWPD representative and member of the Preventative Rad/Nuc Detection (PRND) Program where specialists from the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) guided us in developing the SOPs and CON OPS for the implementation of Personal Radiation Detectors (PRDs). I attended several months of strategy/ planning/CON OPS meetings alongside Fort Worth Fire Dept representatives, Arlington PD and FD, and Dallas PD and FD.

Early in my career, I was transferred to SOD/Narcotics, where I was assigned to the Meth Lab callout team. There I learned of the threats and dangers involved in the different chemical agents present on the scene of these clandestine labs, as well as how to handle an exposure. My primary role, while assigned to narcotics, was to operate in an undercover capacity to affect the purchase of narcotics, and arrests for those involved. In addition to making under cover buys I worked confidential informants, drafted search warrants, ops plans, and processed the scene of these warrant locations. I have been trained in high-risk search warrant entry, service, and processing. I have attended numerous narcotic related courses and training.

I have been assigned to Dignitary Protection details a number of times during my years with the SEER team. My assignments have included guarding the NASCAR drivers during autograph signings at Texas Motor Speedway, and escorting high profile personalities such as Rachel Ray. I have also worked on the Mayor’s Detail providing protection and security to our Previous Fort Worth Mayor, Betsy Price.

Before the end of my 3rd year assigned to SOD/Narcotics, I was transferred to HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) in the RISC (Regional Intelligence Support Center) as a Watch Center Intelligence Analyst. I worked alongside Federal Narcotic groups such as the DEA, FBI, ICE, ATF, IRS, Secret Service, as well as other local narcotics groups. During those 4 years I received my Federal clearance which allowed me to develop contacts with, and was granted access to multiple public, Police, State, and Federal databases which provided information in assisting Agents and Tactical Analysts in gathering information to identify and build Federal cases, investigating criminals locally as well as internationally.

During my 4 years at HIDTA I provided our Western Drug Squad (DEA Group-6) assistance with surveillance and worked shifts at DEA Division in the wire room, on Title 3 investigations, where we intercepted conversations between our targets and other persons potentially involved in the crimes being investigated. During that time, I was on an MOU with ICE for callout and assistance with large scale investigations including surveillance and warrant round-ups.

In April 2011 I returned to SOD/Narcotics from HIDTA to assume my role as a Narcotics investigator addressing narcotic complaints locally. I worked this assignment until Jan of 2014 when I was requested back at HIDTA, by the ICE Group Supervisor, to assume the assignment of Task Force Officer with the ICE group. Unfortunately, I was unable to accept the position but transferred to the SEER Unit in April of 2014.

In July of 2016 I was officially assigned to the Texas Emergency Management Assistance Team (TEMAT) for the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Division of Emergency Management to which the MOU between the State and the City of Fort Worth was signed in August of 2017.

My first deployment with TEMAT was in response to Hurricane Harvey. My team was first deployed to the State Operations Center (SOC) located at our State’s Capitol in Austin where we assisted with disaster response operations in an Incident Management Team function. After 2 days in the SOC, our team was requested to respond to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Orange County to assist in running the Planning Section in an Incident Command System (ICS) role. After 5 days of rescue planning and operations, our team was requested to provide assistance in Beaumont TX which was only accessible by boat or air. Shortly after our return to Orange County, we had completed our mission as an Incident Management Team, and the communities began to enter the disaster recovery phase of operations and we were sent home.

The most recent deployment with TEMAT that I have been on was for Hurricane Lara Disaster Response to the East Texas Louisiana Boarder in the same capacity as for Hurricane Harvey. After 5 days of Damage Assessments my team had completed our mission and were sent home.

Another role that the SEER unit takes on for the City of Fort Worth, is Line of Duty Death Funeral Planning and Operations. Our unit has been requested by surrounding towns to assist in the planning for their fallen Police and Fire Personnel on numerous occasions. My role with the SEER unit works hand in hand with carrying out my role with Brotherhood For The Fallen.